Wine set

Thousands of years of wine making culture has been deposited in red wine, which is loved by many people who pay attention to life quality. People who love wine will not hesitate to pay a lot of money to buy good wine utensils, such as red wine cups, bottle openers, wine knives, wine noses, wine cabinets, etc., to enjoy and taste wine. Such a set of exquisite wine utensils will be necessary.

1. Red wine glass

The first thing to drink is the glass. A good crystal glass and ordinary glass bring different feelings and fun. Different glasses should be selected for drinking different wines. The Champagne Cup is long and thin, which is good for appreciating the rising of bubbles. The belly and mouth of the white wine cup are small, which makes it easier to gather the aroma of the wine, and at the same time, it doesn't make the aroma spread too fast. The red wine cup has a larger belly, because the red wine usually needs oxygen to release the aroma in the wine Come out.

2. Bottle opener

With the emergence and development of modern industry, red wine bottle opener has gone through hundreds of years from the beginning of plastic bottle opener to the emergence of various pneumatic bottle openers and electric bottle openers. Some people say that the traditional bottle opener is a tool used by "barbarian gentleman". Then, with the appearance of pneumatic bottle opener and electric bottle opener, "barbarian gentleman" becomes more elegant and becomes a real gentleman.

3. Wine knife

When using it to open wine, first cut off the sealing cap with a serrated folding knife, screw the screwdriver into the cork, and pull out the cork with the help of the side lever.

4. Wine nose

There are all kinds of aromas in wine, such as peaches, pears, blackcurrants, which are difficult to distinguish for beginners. Enthusiasts usually use the nose of wine. Nose is the most excellent wine tasting tool in the world. The 78 selected fragrances duplicate all the typical fragrances of red, white wine, champagne and oak aged wine from all over the world. Fans only need to memorize these aroma in their brains, and they can recognize the aroma when tasting wine.

5. Wine cabinet

No more expensive wine is worth nothing if it is not preserved properly. Wine is very strict to the condition of preservation, usually requires constant temperature and humidity without vibration, so put the wine in the environment with high temperature, usually it will be broken in January to February, then the humidity is required to be about 70%, avoid vibration, vibration will accelerate the maturity of wine. Therefore, the wine cabinet is very necessary for the preservation of red wine.