warranty policy 

National joint insurance and three guarantees service

Warranty period

One year for the whole machine, three years for the compressor, free warranty and life-long maintenance service (the specific terms are subject to the warranty card)


Yousheng products enjoy free warranty from the date of sale (according to the date of manufacture on the nameplate on the back of the products) within the three guarantees validity period.

In case of any of the following circumstances beyond the validity period of San Bao, it is not included in the scope of San Bao, and the maintenance can be carried out according to the charging standard stipulated by the company:

1. Exceeding the validity period of three guarantees;

2. There is no San Bao certificate and valid invoice, or the contents of San Bao certificate are inconsistent with the physical identification of the repaired goods or altered;

3. Damage caused by improper use, maintenance and service of users;

4. When selling, indicate the products that are not free of charge;

5. Damage caused by irresistible natural disasters.