Better wine to drink than wine to hide

Wine collection has become one of the most fun and exciting hobbies. Collecting wine can cost a lot of money, especially at the beginning. If you are new to wine or want to know more about wine, wine collection may be a good way to help you learn about wine. Here are some tips on how to start collecting wine.

1. Don't follow the year

Many wines are produced every year; it is almost impossible to find all or buy most of them. A good way to collect wine is to choose the wine that suits your taste.

2. A place for wine

You should have a place to store the collected wine; the recommended place is the basement, where the temperature is kept cool and there is less sunlight. The ideal cellar doesn't have to be big. As long as there is enough space to be comfortable, put on a lot of wine racks and keep the temperature at 10-15 ℃. If it's white wine, it's cooler. If there is no suitable place (such as basement), because the cost of wine cellar is quite high, the recommended choice is constant temperature wine cabinet (compressor refrigeration), which is relatively low in price. It is not only suitable for wine storage, but also plays a certain role in decoration. At present, it has become a priority choice for many wine collectors.

3. Not for as long as possible

Don't make "the older the wine, the better" a rule. Some wines need to be kept longer; others need to be drunk immediately. Ordinary table wine is suitable for drinking in the year when it goes on the market; good white wine can be drunk within two years; red wine is recommended within five years; and some good wines can be stored for 10 to 20 years, or even longer.

4. Classified collection

Put the label on the bottleneck so that the wine can be identified without moving its position; put the wine of the same year together for easy query. Regular wine should be placed close to the door of the storage room, while wine prepared for special important moments should be placed closer to the inside.

5. Make friends with wine

Participate in wine lovers' activities and wine tasting. Your knowledge, experience and enjoyment will increase with your collection. It's also a good way to make new friends.

6. Full case purchase

If you find a wine you like, you can save 10-15% by mixing it up and buying it in boxes instead of buying one or two bottles alone. Collecting wine is fun and exciting. Remember: wine is made to be drunk; you can enjoy it at special times, but don't keep it forever.