How to store red wine

Cultural knowledge of constant temperature wine cabinet

1、 Constant temperature wine cabinet, quietly into the Chinese family!

2、 Constant temperature wine cabinet, dense brewing life!

In recent years, with the rapid growth of domestic wine market consumption and the continuous popularization of wine culture, more and more people begin to love wine, from the early exclusion of wine, to the gradual acceptance of wine culture, until today's hot trend of collection of rare wine, for most wine lovers and collectors, Huihao does not hesitate to "spend a lot of money" to buy a bottle of precious wine, but due to the lack of knowledge of wine storage, it may be displayed and placed at will after purchase, which will cause "fatal" damage to a bottle of precious wine ..

The taboo of wine storage is that temperature, humidity, light, vibration, peculiar smell and other strong changes affect wine aging. At present, most of the storage still stays in the ordinary display and display. Those who have a little knowledge of wine storage will also use simple air-conditioning equipment with cooling and heating at a low cost. Only this type of equipment is set. Because the cooling and heating machine has the function of dehumidification, the indoor environment will become more and more dry, and the relative humidity will even be as low as 20% ~ 30%. This is quite harmful to the preservation of wine, which should not be ignored. In addition, there is no professional constant temperature control and dark ventilation treatment, which often causes scaling and corrosion of wine head and decoration.

As we all know, when some wines are bottled, their life is not completely over, and the liquor still has some biochemical reactions more or less in the bottle. Therefore, it is a science to store the bottles of wine after purchase. Wine cellar is a special place for wine storage. The ideal wine cellar should meet the following basic requirements:

1. Enough storage space and activity space

2. Good ventilation performance

3. Avoid direct sunlight or excessive light

4. Relative temperature and humidity shall be maintained

5. Avoid vibration and loud noise interference

Only natural caves or cellars can fully meet these special storage conditions. They are also the initial way for people to store red wine. Underground wine storage began in Europe. These caves can maintain a good storage condition, and make the wine gradually mature and keep in the peak state. The taboo of wine storage is that the temperature, humidity, light, vibration, peculiar smell and other strong changes affect the aging of wine. In real life, the idea of looking for a natural underground wine cellar to store fine wine is out of reach. With the continuous development of wine storage technology, a new type of modern thermostatic wine cabinet independently developed in China has begun to obtain the traditional underground caves. Through the intelligent design of constant temperature and humidity and the perfect combination with the environment, the wine cellar has the "natural" perfect wine storage conditions. It ended the history of no artificial bionic wine cellar in China and realized the "underground wine storage dream" of many red wine collectors.

Constant temperature wine cabinet can be customized according to the requirements of customers. The wine cellar can be located in private villas, offices, hotels, clubs, restaurants, bars and other places. It can also be an ordinary corner, or even a corner. It can make full use of the idle space, practical and beautifying. Yousheng wine cabinet can plan and design any exclusive style of art wine cabinet according to the size of the space. Yousheng wine cabinet adopts a microcomputer wine cabinet integrated machine, with different styles of wine racks, and carries out good wall heat insulation, heat preservation and other processes, which can keep the temperature in the wine cellar stable at 5 ℃ ~ 22 ℃ all the year round, keep the humidity stable in the range of 60% ~ 80%, and be quiet, silent and vibration free. It can keep the ideal wine cellar temperature and humidity even and stable no matter in any season The cellar temperature is hardly influenced by the outside world. It is professional to create a wonderful life and create a comfortable "home" for your wine!

As the leader of domestic constant temperature wine cabinet and the pioneer of underground constant temperature and humidity wine storage, Zhongshan Yousheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. takes the lead in launching customized service of wine cabinet in China. From the early design of wine cabinet, wine cabinet planning, wine cabinet production, equipment installation and testing to later maintenance, it provides customers with very perfect professional quality service and promotes the development of Chinese wine cabinet industry!

Of course, for ordinary families, owning a private wine cellar is still a very luxurious way of life, so for ordinary wine lovers, it is also a good choice to put a professional constant temperature at home.

Compressor wine cabinet is a kind of high-tech cold storage equipment which is close to cellar wine storage, with capacity ranging from 40 to 200 bottles. Wine is still in the process of re fermentation after leaving the factory. If it is stored in a proper temperature and vibration free environment, this microbial re fermentation process will be more fully carried out, making its taste more mellow. The temperature in the compressor wine cabinet can be controlled between 5 ℃ - 22 ℃ for the taste of red wine. At the same time, more importantly, this kind of wine cabinet adopts Italian Zanussi shockless compressor. The vibration will make the sediment in the wine rise, so repeated will greatly affect the fermentation process of the wine, resulting in sour taste, which is also a problem that can not be solved by the compressor refrigeration wine cabinet. Therefore, with constant temperature, shock absorption, light avoidance, ventilation, isolation and humidity, Yusheng constant temperature wine cabinet is a very good choice for your personal wine storage.

What can a wine cabinet do for wine? What else should we do? In a simple sentence to summarize - for wine to provide ideal storage conditions! It's hard to say and do. First of all, it is necessary to have suitable humidity and temperature; it is also necessary to ensure good ventilation, avoid vibration, and clean the environment